Forum Farewell

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to this Forum.
And speaking of the Forum, what have the bloody Romans ever done for us?

But we digress. Actually it’s me who’s digressing, but I’m sure the others will agree with me. There I go again.
Well Anyway (and yes John, we’ve all ordered the eponymous title, and by the time you read this we’ll all have enjoyed it immensely. Actually by the time you read this you’ll be dead, because you’ll never come here in life. You’ll have plenty of time in the hereafter, so that’s what we’re counting on).
Anyway, back to the Forum. At least I am.

Like the Famous Roman Ninth Legion, all our Forum Lads (“and women, Reg”), Legionnaires etc. have disappeared. Scarpered. Fucked Off.
Unlike the disappearing Ninth Legion, however, we actually know what happened to OUR departed. They have buggered off to the land of Zuckerberg. Bloody splitters.

Actually, that’s good news, because that means the legend continues in a somewhat more dynamic medium (This bit of the message is sponsored by Facebook).

Having trouble saying goodbye, *sob*, so I just, I just…

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Monty Python Silly Walks Limited Editions

Good afternoon my blogging buddies, I’ve just finished signing two fabulous Monty Python Silly Walks limited editions for The Original Memorabilia Company

They really are rather splendid!

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